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Beshkol lake

Beshkol lake is right at the southern top of Sarymogol pass, 4300 m above sea level.  Nice place for tough trekkers. You can get nice view of Pamir and Alay mountains from the lake. It can be reached by either from Sarymogol village in southern part or from Kojokelen village in northern part. You should go to Sarymogol village and drive one hour to get to the starting point of the trekking. Then 3 hours trek takes to the lake Beshkol. Camp on the shore of the lake. Enjoy the beauty of the pass and lake. Next day come back with the same way you went or continue to corss the pass and down to northen valley. Two days walking after pass take you to Kojokelen village.


Latitude    39°49'9.34"N

Longitude      72°47'36.40"E

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