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Tuesday, 10 April 2018 15:25

Lenin Peak base camp

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Saturday, 10 March 2018 15:35

Welcome to Alay valley: Destination for trekkers

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Alay valley

If you are looking for high altitude and snowcapped mountain ranges with towering glaciers and alpine lakes, then Alay valley is what you are looking for. This is an unexplored new destination. You can combine trekking with cultural experience by staying in shepherd’s yurts that will give you a chance to get the best local experience of nomads. So, our treks as Heights of Alay valley, Jiptick Pass to Lenin Peak glaciers, Truly Nomadic Land, and Best short trek around Osh leave you with the best impressions you ever get in Kyrgyzstan.

Alpine lakes around Sarymogol village

If you are heading to Sarymogol village, then do day hikes to see the most stunning alpine lakes as Tulparkol, Beshkol and Koshkol surrounded by glaciers of the Pamir Alay ranges. Enjoy crazy moonscape landscapes while touring around.

Day hikes and horseback tours outside Osh city

If you have few days in Osh city and no idea what to do, then do the day hikes offered by CBT just outside the city. Get the best local experience while walking through the yurts of shepherds. Escape the summer heat of the Fergana Valley and relax in solitude surrounded by the cool juniper forests. The sound of flowing water and birdsong provides a serene environment for hiking along ancient nomadic trails.

Pamir Highway. Day treks in Pamir Mountains.

Since Alay valley is a gateway to Pamir Mountains, we can also help you to arrange your Pamir Highway trip. You can choose your tailored tour or join other tourists to share the cost of transport. Make your trip adventures by doing the high altitude day hikes: 1) Rrom Pshart to Madyan valley. 2) Panorama Ridge trek at Kargush pass to see the Great Pamir of Afghanistan. 3) The challenging day trek to Engels peak to get the best view of Wakhan valley. 4) And the most wild and picturesque one is Jiseu valley at Bartang. We have the GPS or KML format of treks if you would like to do them without guide.

We are here to make your trip adventures.

Sunday, 30 April 2017 05:54

The pearl of Ferghana valley

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Duration:  daytrip
Best Season: May - September
Moderate, passes at 3300 meter
: Trekking shoes,

waterproof clothes, hat, sunscreen & sunglasses.

Distance: 15 km in trek


DESCRIPTION: Observe wildlife in a protected natural park. Escape the summer heat of the Ferghana Valley. Relax in solitude surrounded by the cool juniper forests of the Kyrgyz Ata National Reserve.  The sound of flowing water and birdsong provides a serene environment for hiking along ancient nomadic trails.  Keen eyes may spot furry marmots, soaring eagles and other birdlife. Walk in the cool dawn around the summer camps of local Kyrgyz herdsmen busy with milking cows and mares.  Spend one (or more) evenings under the wide starry sky and sleep soundly after hours of fun in the fresh mountain air.

ITINERARY: Osh city – Nookat village – Kyrgyzata (national park) - Karagoi summer camp – Nookat village – Osh city.

Drive to Kyrgyzata national reserve by car, 2 hours or 75 km. Walk up to the summit of the mountain (3300 m) and down to the shepherd’s yurts (4 hours). 

Sunday, 30 April 2017 05:52

The Kolduck lake

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Duration:  daytrip
Best Season: May - September
Moderate, passes at 3128 meter
: Trekking shoes,

waterproof clothes, hat, sunscreen & sunglasses.

Distance: 15 km in trek


DESCRIPTION: Nice like appeared from the mountain springs and glaciers.Easy hiking trails. Locals go there for fishing and killing time. People from the nearby villages come with their yurts to camp and spend whole summer to find good pastures for their livestock. They always welcome you for a hot tea or horse’s milk. Don’t refuse.

ITINERARY: Osh city – Kolduck village – Kolduck Lake - back to Osh city.

Departure from Osh city. Drive to Kolduck lake , 2 hours. The village is located on the way to Sarytash village. Walk up to the two lakes. Have a lunch between two lakes. Enjoy the beauty of lakes. Back to Osh city.  

Sunday, 30 April 2017 05:32

Asankorgon mountains

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Duration:  daytrip
Best Season:April - October
Difficulty:Moderate, passes at 2711 m
Requirements: Trekking shoes, waterproof & warm clothes,

hat, sunscreen & sunglasses.

Distance:10 km in trekking ( 4 hours )


DESCRIPTION: The feeling of adventure is mirrored by the impressive landscape; green hills and snowy peaks layered over each other to create a spectacular scene with only the grazing sheep to remind you that this is Earth.  At the highest peak of the mountain pass, the snow blows all around, impressing on you the ruggedness of such a remote land.

ITINERARY:  Osh city – Jyluu suu village- Asankorgon mountains –Saryoi summer camp – Osh city  

Early departure from Osh city. Arrival at the starting point of the hiking, 1:30 minutes. Head up to the pass through ancient trails. Crossing the small streams and walking across bushes is challenging. Have lunch at the top of the pass with the fascinating view of rocky dragon like mountain ranges.  Descend toward summer camp Saryoi. Cross the river to meet you driver. Back to Osh city. 



Sunday, 30 April 2017 05:26

Kumbell mountains

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Duration:  daytrip
Best Season:April - October
Difficulty:Moderate, passes at 3 154 m
Requirements: Trekking shoes,

waterproof clothes, hat, sunscreen & sunglasses

Distance:16 km in trekking 


DESCRIPTION: Visit a Kyrgyz summer camp (jailoo) to experience traditional nomadic life. Join in as

your Kyrgyz host milks the mares for the essential ingredient of Kyrgyz’s national

beverage, kymyz. Taste national dishes in an authentic yurt. Spend a day walking or riding

among the fragrant juniper forests, valued for their medicinal benefits. Relax near the cool springs and streams. Join the shepherds herding their flocks. Conquer the high rocky slopes of the Alay mountains.


ITINERARY:  Osh city –Chyyrchyck Pass 2400 m – Kumbell Pass 3154 m - Saryoi summer camp – Osh city

Departure from Osh city. One hour drive on Pamir Highway takes you to the Chyyirchyck Pass. Start trekking. Trek three hours to get to the Kum Bell pass 3154 meter. See shepherds busy with making bread and milking mares on the way. Have lunch at the top of the pass.  Enjoy the stunning beauty of great Alay valley. Descend through the pass amongst evergreens. Arrive at locals’ camp and have a hot tea in a yurt. Meet your driver and go back to Osh city, 2 hours. 

Sunday, 30 April 2017 05:10

Tour: Karashagyl gorge

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Category: hiking,

Duration: daytrip,

Above sea level: 1000 - 2820 meter,

Best Season: April-October,
Requirements: trekking shoes, waterproof & warm clothes, hat, sunscreen, sunglasses.

Distance: about 15 km


Description: Niceand colored hay fields.  Breathe the fresh air coming from the fragrance of evergreen trees and shrubs. Have the best tea made of the press water of cold springs. The tranquility you are seeking in the city will only be reached in this area. Get rid of the hot and dry climate of Fergana valley for a moment.  Enjoy the scenery of neighboring mountains and the local life of shepherd’s on top of the pass. Local people of the village come with their livestock to spend summer in these mountain slopes. They set up yurts and stay whole three months in a yurt.

Itinerary: Osh city –Bulolu village – Karashagyl gorge - pass 2820 m - Osh city

Depart early from Osh city. Drive on Pamir Highway about one and half hour and turn left to enter Bulolu village. Just twenty minutes’ drive on unpaved road with scenic rocky slopes brings you to the starting point of the hiking. Hike in a beautiful gorge covered up with evergreen trees. Two hours walking on a trail gets you to the pass. A nice valley of mountains opens up on the pass. Break for lunch. Follow the trail to go back to the main road from the next side of the mountain. Meet you driver to get to Osh city. 



Sunday, 30 April 2017 04:58

Great Pamir Highway

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ITINERARY: Osh city – Sarymogol – Lenin Peak base camp - Karakгl lake – Murgab – Alichur – Wakhan valley – Ishkashim – Khorog city – Darvoz (Kalaikhum) district – Dushanbe city

Day 1. Osh – Sarymogol village – Tulparkol lake at Lenin Peak base camp, 5 – 6 hr

Breakfast. Drive to Sarymogol village, 4hr. A nice valley opens up when you reach Taldyck pass (3600 meter) with green pastures and yaks grazing around. Arrival in Sarymogol village and cross the bridge to get to yurt camp at Tulparkol lake (3500 m) next to the base camp of Lenin Peak, 1hr. Enjoy the beauty of snowcapped mountains of Lenin Peak (7134 m). Walk around the lake. Overnight & dinner in yurt.

Day 2. Tulparkol lake – border crossings – Karakul lake – 5 – 6 hr

Early breakfast. Take a day hike from your yurt camp to the Traveler’s pass at 4130 meters, 3 hrs. Enjoy the beauty of glaciers while walking up to the pass. Rest at the top of the Traveler’s pass to gaze at glaciers tumbling off the massive peak. Back to your yurts, 2 hrs. Lunch in a yurt. Drive to the check point, 2hr. Cross the borders and travel to Karakul lake, 2 hrs. Totally different landscape opens up confirming that it is Tajikistant. Be accommodated in a guesthouse. Short walk in the village.

Day 3. Karakul lake - Murgab village – Observatory hill – Alichur village, 6-7 hr

Travel goes on to Murgab via the highest pass Akbaital (4655 m) you will ever do in Tajikistan, 3hr. Take photos of glaciers on the pass. Lunch in Murgab village. Head on to Alichur village. We take a detour to Observatory hill. You will see nice view of Muztak Ata peak of China on top of the hill if no clouds on the sky. Down the hill there is a soviet truck full of skulls of Marco Polo sheep inside. Once upon a time it was a hunting camp. Back to the main road and drive to Alichur village. Overnight and dinner in a guesthouse.

Day 4. Bulungkul lake – Kargush pass – Wakhan valley - Yamg village, 5-6 hr

Breakfast. Take a detour to visit Bulunkul and the Yashylkul lakes with nice hot springs. Drive back to the main road and head up to the Kargush pass (4 344m). After the pass, drive down to Afghanistan border for another check point to check your GBAO permit. Road follows the river Pamir all the way to Wakhan corridor with the chance to admire the Big Pamir of Afghanistan with nomadic Afghan Kyrgyz caravans. Great rugged Hindu Kush mountain ranges welcome you right before entering Wakhan valley. Overnight and dinner in a friendly home stay in Yamg village.

Day 5. Yamg village – Yamchun fortress - Ishkashim village – Khorog city, 5-6 hr

Breakfast. Right after you leave your guesthouse, we do a detour on the way to admire the 12th century Yamchun Fortress rising from a platform of natural rock. Walk up to edge of the fort and you will have amazing view of Wakhan valley. Further up the hillside are located the hot springs of Bibi Fatima, with its crystal waters rich in minerals. Another fortress Khaaka comes up along the way at Namadgut village when you get closer to Ishkashim village. It is worth a 10 minutes stop. Continue to driving to Khorog city. Afternoon, visit the interesting Regional Museum and Central Park of Khorog city. Evening hike in a Botanical Garden that has various plants and trees to explore. Dinner at a cafe. Night in a hotel.

Day 6. Khorog to Darvoz (Kalaikhum), 5–6 hr

Breakfast. Travel to Darvoz district. Gorgeous road goes along the river up to the Vanj valley where road widens up. Road continues along the Afghan border up to Kalaikhum village with picturesque scenery. Arrival in Kalaikhum village and be accommodated in a guesthouse.

Day 7. Kalaikhum to Dushanbe, 5–6 hr

Breakfast. Travel to Dushanbe along the Pang river with amazing views and traveling through numerous local villages. Deep rocky valleys and gorgeous mountains accompany you up to the Shurobod pass before Kulab village. Lunch in a Chaikana (local cafes). Visit 11th century Hulbuk Palace on the way and enjoy the views of world’s highest hydro power station Nurek in a distance. Arrival in Dushanbe. Accommodation in your hotel.

Trekking options: you can add following day treks to this trip. Then the price given will change slightly. We have GPS or KML of all treks if you would like to do them without guide.

1) Camel riding around Rangkul lake

2) Day trek from Pshart to Madyan valley around Murgab village

3) Day hike Panorama Ridge at Kargush pass

4) Day trek in Wakhan valley to Engels Peak

5) Hiking in Jiseu valley

Thursday, 12 May 2016 17:02


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Gulcha, Alay

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Alay Yurt Camp

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